All the beautiful people together at this table along with many others, want to pick someone up from jails or treatment centers, drive them to their new RA Home, fix them a hot meal, show them their new bedroom and love them like Jesus loves us!

“I went to jail with no shoes on my feet. I served a few weeks in Vance Co Jail and was released with time served. Fall had turned into winter and still I had no shoes. I put back on my dirty clothes I had on when I came in and left walking with no shoes on.

I had no after care plan, no one asked about my mental health, no one encouraged me to go to a shelter or call my family. Just released me to the streets. The only thing I knew how to do was use drugs. Kinda makes sense that I went to the brick house to get my drugs fronted to me so I’d be high enough to deal with prostituting for money to pay my debt and get more dope.

What if a social worker was working in jail and helped me create a plan for shelter or food?

What if someone had given me shoes?

What if the jail had washed the clothes I’d worn for days before I was arrested?

I’m not blaming anyone for my decisions … but, what if?”

– Tisha Temple

Then I heard the Lord asking,
“Whom should I send as a messenger to the people? Who will go for us?” I said, “Here I am. Send me.”
- Isaiah 6:8

Recovery Alive Outreach will fill these gaps. We will meet people where they are. RA Home’s, Prison Ministry, Street Ministry & More…


Our bold audacious dream of opening a faith-based recovery home is blooming into existence!!!!

Our 1st Recovery Alive Home: Grow in Grace is opening soon!

Recovery Alive Home’s will provide a safe place for men and women to live while recovering from substance use disorder. Offering leadership, accountability, friendship, support, encouragement, and the opportunity to experience life changing transformation through Jesus Christ.

Hey y’all hey, my name is Tisha and I am a child of God. I have found freedom from chemical dependency. I am currently working on issues related to binge eating. In the last eight years God brought me from heroin to hope and from homelessness to homeowner. I am currently registered with The North Carolina Additions Specialist Profession Practice Board as a Certified Alcohol Drug Counselor.

Hi, I’m Casey and I am a big time believer in Jesus Christ! God has delivered me from substance use disorder and I am currently working toward freedom from anger, pride, and control. I attempted to end my life with a shotgun 22 years ago, but God’s love prevailed. I no longer have a desire to numb or mask my pain, and I gladly share my story of God’s glory to provide hope to the hopeless!

Casey and Tisha have been in recovery for over 8 years. Married for two years, they have a thriving blended family including four children and two grandchildren. Together they advocate for others while building positive relationships in the community to help eliminate the stigma associated with Substance Use and Mental Health Disorders.

We are thankful for the community's commitment to loving, encouraging, and empowering others.

Our 1st Recovery Alive Outreach Gala raised $76,872 to be used
towards opening Recovery Alive homes. 

“One of the most inspiring evenings in recent memory. Proud of you Tisha & Casey Temple! Excited to see the doors of the first RA Home, Grow in Grace open in the VERY near future!” 

– John Eklund 

“What a weekend!! Busy and so rewarding!! Watching the dream of Tisha Temple come true while being able to be a small part of it is beautiful! The Grow In Grace Recovery Alive Sober Living Home banquet was unbelievable! Watching people open their hearts and seeing their desire to help others was such a blessing to witness. The money raised to make this home a reality is more than a home….it is saving lives and meeting people right where they are…in the middle of their struggle. I am honored to be a part of this blessing!!”

– Tina Boykin 

“Tonight was nothing short of amazing! I cannot wait to see what God will do for the RA Grow in Grace recovery home. The banquet was decorated so pretty. The food was delicious, Tina Lee Parrott! The servers were on point! I’m so blessed to be recognized for the advocacy work that I do to honor Dakota’s memory. She was right there in the midst. Thank you for all of your hard work, Tisha. Grateful to have each of these amazing people in my life. I love y’all.”

– Danette Jernigan Ingram

“What a gigantic turnout tonight for our Temple Recovery Grow in Grace banquet. This recovery home will be a reality sooner than later, and I couldn’t be more proud of Tisha Temple, and all those others who are working hard behind the scenes to make this all possible.”

I’m so proud to be a part of a church that goes after the lost, and hurting, no matter what it takes. No nonsense, just Christ.

– Pastor Rodney Pearce

“God is so good & so unbelievably faithful! These teenagers form TCC YTH gave up their Saturday to come and serve at the RA Home Grow In Grace Banquet. They have each served with such selfless hearts with a ‘yes ma’am’ & a ‘how can I help’ or a ‘what can I do next’ without 1 single complaint. They showed up & they are ready to be the hands & feet of Jesus”.

– Erica Gardner

Someone somewhere is waiting on us to do what God has called us to do! Please, help us, help others!



Our communities are in desperate need of recovery facilities and after much prayer, RA has chosen to help meet this need. To meet such a dire need, however, we need your help. RA Outreach needs financial support.

We are also seeking to partner with church communities to meet the needs of Recovery Alive Outreach, we would like to request an audience within your unique church or community to garner support for this endeavor. We are available during a Sunday service, a Wednesday night Bible study, any church function or community

Thank you Pastor Will Breedlove @ Harriett Baptist Church, and Rev. Allen Ayscue @ Mt. Ararat Holiness Church both in Henderson, NC for allowing us to share about RA Outreach, RA Home: Grow in Grace during your Sunday morning worship service.

Sharing our RA Home banks with y’all first means so much to me because #nickiismyangel

Mission Statement


To provide a safe home for women and men recovering from substance use disorder to grow as individuals and as a part of the recovery community. 

We offer leadership, accountability, friendship, support, and encouragement to our residents seeking life changing transformations through Jesus Christ. 

Collaborating with our community to instill hope by providing basic life skill instructions, including selfcare, job readiness, and linkage to educational opportunities. 

We promote personal wellness: spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically while growing in grace and maintaining sobriety.