Process Groups are a key part of recovery, and we are excited about helping you start your journey!

Process Groups are small group sessions offered throughout the week by your local in-person
Recovery Alive ministry or through our online team. They function as a vehicle for working
intentionally through the 12 steps in a safe environment.

"You are about to embark on an arduous, intense, painful, and rewarding adventure. The level of effort you put into this process will directly correlate to the level of healing you will receive.
There are no right or wrong answers to these questions. Recovery works if you work it (and won’t if you don’t). You will find this process less than effective if you are less than honest, if you are less than committed, and if you are less than self- focused. Expect to be challenged, expect to feel pain, expect to feel loved, expect to change.
May God bless you as you begin your process of healing!"
Recovery Alive Open Mic
John Eklund
Author, Recovery Alive

Are YOU ready for your life to CHANGE?